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Urban Style Vibes is an online casino gaming guide that provides information to players about online casinos to better help players get started gambling online. Our main area of focus however is in providing reviews of urban theme slots games.

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Understanding Payout Percentages at Online Casinos

When players are looking for the best online casinos, or the best games in any online casino, they should take some time to learn the payout percentages. Many players have the wrong idea of what payout percentages are. Some believe that this is a guaranteed win they will receive when they access a casino or an online game. It is important for players to learn what these percentages really are so they can use these figures to make decisions when the gamble online.

Online casinos will often have an independent company audit the games that are supported. When this is done, the payout percentages are all verified. These percentages are then displayed for players to see. Not only are there percentages for the individual games, but a percentage for the online casino as well.

Most online casinos and the games within have payout percentages of 95% or more. This does not mean that players will win 95% of the time or even 95% of their wagers back. Instead, the percentage is a number derived over a period of time. It represents the percentage that the game or the casino pays back to the player.

For example, if a slot machine has a payout percentage of 98%, this means that the game will pay back $98 of $100 wagered. However, this will not happen all at one time, as many players think. The money will be paid back in small amounts over a period of time with an occasional jackpot being awarded.

When choosing an online casino and a game, players should find those with the highest payout percentages. While this will not guarantee a win, it will indicate that players have better chances of getting returns on their wagers.